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  • I want to sell my PS4

    Playstation 4

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    Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)

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    Apple iPhone 6 128GB

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    Sell my Samsung Galaxy S5 for cash

    Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • I want to sell my Xbox One

    Xbox One

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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Xbox One)

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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    Sell my MacBook Pro UK

    Apple MacBook Pro i7 (late 2013)

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  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB

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    I want to sell my HTC One M8

    HTC One (M8)

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    Apple iPad Mini 3 Wi-Fi + 4G 128GB

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    I want to sell my Sony Xperia Z3

    Sony Xperia Z3

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  • Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + 4G 128GB

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    Sell Nintendo 2DS online

    Sell Nintendo 2DS

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    Sell digital camera : Canon EOS 5D Mark III (New) - Getpaid UK

    Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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    sell your sat nav : TomTom Go 950 (New) - Getpaid UK

    TomTom Go 950

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  • Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet 4G

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    I want to sell my BlackBerry Passport

    BlackBerry Passport

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    Sell my iPod Touch 5th generation UK

    iPod Touch 5th Gen 64GB

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Things I could sell to Get Paid

Sell My Mobile Phone

Thinking of selling your mobile phone? Doing so SHOULD be easy. Whether you are planning to ditch your phone and upgrade to the latest smartphone, or you simply have a relatively old phone that has been buried away somewhere for months. Your used mobile phone has a purpose. At Get Paid, you can easily sell mobile phones and get a reasonable cash equivalent of it, quick and easy.

Get Paid accepts old and used mobile phones from various makes and models. You can opt to sell high-end smartphones like iPhone, Blackberry and Android powered phones that span through Samsung, HTC and Sony Ericsson. Not limited to the most up-to-date smartphones, Get Paid also accepts your old Nokia feature phones at a good value.

Now, selling your old and used mobile phone CAN be easy. The Sell Your Item tab gives you straightforward steps for you to find out how much your phone is worth, and to sell your phone to Get Paid, in just a few clicks.

Sell My iPod

Where can I sell my iPod? If that same question lingers in your head, you dont need to worry, Get Paid can help you.

We at Get Paid can buy your old iPods in exchange of a reasonable price. So instead of getting it dusty inside your drawer, let us help you earn some cash from your used iPods. You can browse through the site our use the top bar to search for the list of items we will buy. Get Paid accepts a variety of models such as iPod shuffle, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod touch and other mp3 players.

Once you have dug up that iPod you want to sell, knowing its worth becomes easy with the Get Paid online grading system.

Selling your used iPod at it might even help you to save money, buy a new gadget or pay towards treating yourself! So why wait any longer when you cash could be waiting today?

Sell My Laptop

Can I sell my laptop for a good price? Of course you can at Get Paid. We are a trusted online site that allows you to sell your used laptops conveniently and securely.

Whether you are disposing of an outdated laptop to buy a more recent model, or are making the move to a tablet or other smart device. You might end up letting the value of your laptop waste away until it is virtually worthless. Instead, why not try to figure out how much it can be sold for at Get Paid?

We accept most makes and models, whether you have a sleek Ultrabook laptop, a wide-screened desktop replacement laptop or a gaming laptop that you have outgrown, all these can be sold to us. To get better value from your unused laptops, you can include its original packaging, manuals and other accessories in your order.

Our easy-to-follow procedures allow you to place an order in a snap and receive your payment the same day we have obtained and verified your package.

The faster you sell your laptops the better, so place your order today to get the most competitive price in exchange of your pre-owned laptops.

Top Reasons to Get Paid

Music Magpie

Ever since the launch of Music Magpie over half a decade ago. The service aimed at turning your old cds into cash has helped people around the UK feel comfortable with the idea of selling from the confort of their own homes

We all own old electronics and keep them hidden somewhere at home. With Get Paid, these old and unnecessary electronics can be a great cash generator. Selling your old electronics to us is fast and easy. All you have to do is follow the three easy steps as stated on the website, and we will pay you out the same day we receive your item.

Finding out if your item can be bought by Get Paid couldn't be easier. You can look for your electronics in our database and find out what its worth through our online valuation system. You can also view different conditions of the same item, any accessories you can sell, and the direction of the most recent price change! All this information is available to you in just a few clicks.

Computer Exchange

Do you feel that the computer you're using is old and outdated? Are you having the urge to replace it with a more advanced laptop? If you want this achieved quickly but do not have the funds for it, then it's the best time to take advantage of Get Paid's services.

Get Paid is the best avenue to trade your used electronics for cash. By selling the device you currently own, you can have the budget for a brand new gadget in no time. If you have more used devices available for selling, the better, it means more cash and more new gadgets for you.

You can start by visiting Get Paid's website and finding your device from our list. We are accepting a huge number of devices, and most likely, yours can be one of them. Once we have collected and verified your item, you will receive the funds for your next electronics purchase the same day.

Keep in mind that most old laptops and devices cannot keep up with new operating systems and applications that come out due to its low specs. You can do away with these complexities by selling yours today and upgrading to a device that can better suit your needs.

Cash Converters

With technology moving so swiftly, phone and computer manufacturers keep in high competition and release new models and devices on a yearly basis if not sooner. Despite the fact that you may not have fully-utilized your device's power in that short time, what once was a new gadget can quickly depreciate its original value.

With this being the case, it is not wise to hold on to your outdated devices for too long. Its either you upgrade to a better model or get stuck with a device that limits you from benefiting from the latest technology has to offer. If you have already upgraded to a new device, or you are planning purchase a new device with greater value, these old electronics are not just junk in your home. Your used electronics can serve purposes as cash converters at Get Paid.

Our online system allows you to conveniently sell old devices in just a few clicks. This way, you can still find value to electronics you want to dispose of.

What you can sell today for £ 200, will not have the same value in the next few months. It is always best to regularly check the prices of items as well as news on the Get Paid blog to keep informed on the best time to sell your items